The Normandy peninsula of Cotentin is part of northwest France and has its own very special climate.

Because of the influence of the Golfstrom the winters are very mild. Only a few time the temperature reaches minus zero degrees. Hydrangea grow very well, Alpin rose and Camellia thrive and prosper becoming trees, and even palms hibernate without needing special protection.

With constant temperatures of 20 to 25 degrees summers are not so hot like in South France or the south of Europe.
There is always a soft sea breeze, and if that does bring rain, its usually only a short shower. The Cotentin is the ideal place for holidaymakers who know the value of good food and who like to fill up their days with activities that are more than just resting on the beach.
The Cotentin offers a lot of places with a rich historic background and high interest, for instance the town Bayeux.

The Bayeux Tapestry documents the conquest of England by the Normans. It is one of the important picture documents of that time. The art work is over 68m long and around 50cm wide. It is highly detailed and worth a visit.
Since 2007 the tapestry is part of the UNESCO-program "Memory of the World".
The Abbey of Hambye is only a few minutes away by car from "La Vicomterie". Other than Mont St. Michele it is the best preserved building of an Abbey in Normandy. The Abbey offers exhibitions of furniture, wall tapestries and religious ornaments.
Beside Mont St. Michele it is the best well preserved building of an Abby in Normandie. The Abby offers exhibitons of furniture, wall carpets and religious ornaments.
Walking along the sea-side with dunes and the sea as your constant companion is a wonderful relaxing activity and worth doing as well walking through the local country-side.

And should you wish to dine out we recommend the restaurant "La Cale" in Blainville with its fantastic sea view and its exquisite mussels.
Further activities you can do
  • horse riding
  • sailing and surfing
  • canouing
  • golfing
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